When Jessie was a mere 12 years old, for Christmas, she asked not for dolls, but for a very simple editing software "Avid Cinema". That's where the obsession began. And somehow, she tuned her love of editing fake commercials, newscasts and music videos into a degree and then into an actual career. And now, with over twelve years of professional experience, she has been fortunate enough to work with networks such as Netflix, Amazon, AMC, CBS, History Channel, and Food Network. 

In her career, Jessie started as an Associate Producer, growing into a Field Producer - which gave her a great perspective on the business side of Production, as well as an ability to craft a story that flows nicely in Post. In addition, coming from a music background, she naturally has a great sense for pacing, scoring, and mixing. She is proficient in AVID, Adobe Premiere (and the Creative Suite), Final Cut Pro 7, as well as Unity and ISIS platforms.

Even though editing is her jam, when she's not sitting in the dark, windowless rooms, she sings, plays ukulele, travels to obscure places, and does photography!